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  Summer treats

Summer Treats

September 14, 2020

Summer treats are one of the small pleasures in life and our Radiant Care Residents have definitely been indulging.

  Change to long-term care visitation guidelines

Change to LTC Visitation Guidelines

September 8, 2020

We have again updated the visitation guidelines for our Long-Term Care homes, in accordance with updates from the Ontario government

  Auto draft

Spiritual Care During Pandemic

September 6, 2020

At Radiant Care, we are committed to meeting the spiritual needs of our residents and tenants. This never changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges but it has not changed our vision, mission, and core values. This pandemic helps us realize just how important it is to live out our theme verses in our work, love, and attitude.

  Have you calculated your will power?

Have You Calculated Your Will Power?

August 31, 2020

Radiant Care joins effort to inspire Canadians to think differently about charitable giving 

  Beach week at pleasant manor ltc

Beach Week at Pleasant Manor LTC

August 20, 2020

Last week was filled with reminiscing, game playing, treat having, and excitement! Each day we enjoyed beachy decor in the dinning room, as well as special music played throughout Lunch. Residents requested their favourite beach themed songs throughout.

  Update to tenant visitation guidelines

Update to Tenant Visitation Guidelines

August 12, 2020

We have updated our tenant visitation guidelines

  Update to long-term care visitation guidelines

COVID-19 Outbreak Over!

July 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the outbreak in Radiant Care Tabor Manor’s Long-Term Care home has been declared over!

  Update to long-term care visitation guidelines

Update to LTC Visitation Guidelines

July 21, 2020

We have updated the visitation guidelines for our Long-Term Care homes, in accordance with updates from the Ontario government

  Caring and connecting pen pal initiative

Tabor Manor LTC in COVID-19 Outbreak

July 7, 2020

Our regular testing program at Radiant Care Tabor Manor has resulted in two Long-Term Care staff members testing positive for COVID-19. Those staff members are now in isolation.


Loved ones reunite!

June 29, 2020

Seeing loved ones reunite after 3+ months is heartwarming!

  Happy father’s day

Happy Father's Day

June 21, 2020

Today is a day for our residents to reflect on how wonderful it is to be a dad and process fond memories of their own fathers.

  Resuming visits during covid-19

Resuming Visits During COVID-19

June 18, 2020

Ensuring the safety of everyone is Radiant Care’s highest priority as Radiant Care welcomes visitors back to our Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor sites.


Today at Tabor Manor
  • 4th Montessori Moments
  • 1st Devotions with Don 9:00am
  • 1st Fit Minds 9:30am
  • 2nd Chapel Service 9:30am
  • 4th Group Exercise 9:30am
  • 2nd Exercise 10:00am
  • 2nd What am I? 10:30am
  • 4th Music Bingo 10:00am
  • Wellness Exercise - Café 11:00am
  • Wellness Falls Prevention Class - Chapel 1:30pm
  • 3rd Fit Minds 1:30pm
  • Wellness Indoor Gardening 2:00pm
  • 1st Movie Matinee 2:00pm
  • 2nd Painting 2:00pm
  • 3rd Armchair Travel 2:30pm
  • 2nd Fit Minds 3:00pm
  • 4th Fit Minds 3:00pm
  • 3rd Manicures & Montessori 5:30pm
Calendar Newsletter
Today at Pleasant Manor
  • LTC Balloon Tennis 9:30am
  • Tenants Bird Feeder Crafts 11:00am
  • LTC Bird Feeders 11:00am
  • Tenants Bible Study 2:00pm
  • LTC Bingo 2:00pm
  • LTC One to One 6:15pm
Calendar Newsletter
Helpful Gifts

• Children’s clothing & newborn baby clothing
• Markers, pencil crayons, dry erase markers
• Non-toxic paint, paint brushes, table easels, canvases
• Watering cans and gardening supplies (e.g. hand rakes, shovels, dirt)
• iPods
• iPads
• Sewing needles & yarn (only yarn for TM)
• Simple puzzles
• Sorting activities
• Coffee table style reading/picture books