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Welcome to Radiant Care

Radiant Care is a private, not-for-profit organization committed to serving seniors with excellence, love and dignity. We are committed to providing top quality accommodation and care to senior citizens. We have two locations in the Niagara Region: Radiant Care Pleasant Manor in Virgil and Radiant Care Tabor Manor in St. Catharines.

Our Board of Directors and staff are committed to providing care in a Christian setting, incorporating the best possible methods, programming, equipment and materials within the limits of available financial resources and government legislation. In addition to meeting social, physical and health needs, Radiant Care has a strong mandate to meet spiritual needs. This is accomplished through our spiritual enrichment programs.

“Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all,
starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.”  Galatians 6:10 The Message Bible

Vision Statement

We will be a leader in senior’s support services. Continued development in accommodation and program services is seen as an integral component to achieving this. The strength of our staff is based on continued professional development. This, together with our heritage, Christian philosophy, and embodying a Christ-like love in our actions, will provide a unique form of service.

Mission Statement

To provide with excellence, love, and dignity a full continuum of affordable housing and services to senior citizens. We serve seniors who wish to live in a community of Christian faith.

Our History - The Radiant Care Story

With a long history of faith and an emphasis on a Christian life centred on following Jesus, the Mennonites have always strived to teach and live out a model of faith that focuses on serving others.

Here in Niagara, almost fifty years ago, forward thinking people in the Mennonite churches saw the opportunity to serve seniors by establishing Tabor Manor in the late 1960’s, and Pleasant Manor in the late 1970’s. Many active volunteers with a commitment to vision, optimism and hard work, created comfortable and supportive residences for seniors. Since those early days, both homes have grown to include a variety of housing options, supportive services, and long term care. In 2017, we established the name Radiant Care to unify our two homes. Together, our homes aspire to radiate good – serving and ministering to the needs of the senior citizens within the Mennonite constituency and greater society.

Our Radiant Care Promise

To Residents and Tenants

To live in a familiar, faith-based, caring community where they know the people and culture, their independence is respected, daily needs taken care of, they are treated with love and dignity, and they can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will always have a home and access to excellent care.

To Families

Relief from the worry and burden of care as well as peace of mind that their family member is safe in a familiar, faith-based caring community that offers the full continuum of care in an innovative, leading edge geriatric health care campus.

To Our Employees

An organization with shared values, where employees are treated with respect and dignity by the organization and valued by the residents and tenants for the meaningful contribution they bring to their lives.

“Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me – you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40

Radiant Care Values


We demonstrate love in our homes by choosing to act lovingly in each interaction and treating others the way we would want to be treated and by placing other’s needs ahead of our own. Love demands action!


We demonstrate respect in our homes by acknowledging individuals and their opinions for who and what they are, for what they can teach us, and what we can learn from one another. We speak, act, and listen with respect!


We demonstrate quality in our homes by being accountable to God in how we do our jobs.


We demonstrate excellence in our homes by striving for continuous improvement through education, attention to detail, and putting forth our best effort. We assess and review our performance against ambitious benchmarks and always seek to raise the bar.


We live out our faith on a day-to-day basis as we find in our theme verses. Our Christian faith embodies servanthood and fellowship with other believers. (Matthew 25:40, Galatians 6:10)


We demonstrate community in our homes by strongly encouraging a sense of belonging. We accomplish this by maintaining a home-like atmosphere that provides warmth and support.


We demonstrate empathy in our homes by being understanding and sensitive and expressing a genuine concern for the welfare of others.


We demonstrate accountability in our homes by acting responsibly with our resources and by openly communicating to our stakeholders. We foster an atmosphere of learning from one another.

Community Leadership

We demonstrate community leadership in our homes by being involved in regional and provincial organizations that serve seniors. We are involved in our community and share best practices with those around us.

Strategic Plan

Radiant Care’s strategic planning timetable follows a three year cycle. In creating this Board-approved three year plan, Radiant Care carries out a process of information gathering, engaging internal and external stakeholders to create priorities based on common and relevant themes. Annual business plans are created by staff and are Board-approved, ensuring strategic alignment. Annual business plans form the basis of annual staff performance. In these ways, Radiant Care’s approach to strategic delivery is robust, informed and inclusive, assuring effective execution.


2019-2022 Strategic Plan 2019-2020 Business Plan


2016-2019 Strategic Plan 2018-2019 Business Plan 2017-2018 Business Plan 2016-2017 Business Plan

Senior Management Team

Tim siemens
Tim Siemens

CEO, Radiant Care
905-934-3414 ext.1052

Christine leonard
Christine Leonard

Director, Radiant Care
905-934-3414 ext.1054 or 905-468-4391 ext.226

Eileen tepsa
Eileen Tepsa

Director of Finance, Radiant Care
905-934-3414 ext.1055

Radiant Care Pleasant Manor Supervisory Team

Chelsea bilton
Chelsea Bilton

Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor & Volunteer Coordinator
905-468-4391 ext. 231

Dawn clyens
Dawn Clyens

Director of Clinical Services
905-468-4391 ext. 229

Ginny valko
Ginny Meijaard

Nutrition Manager
905-468-4391 ext.230

Jim evans
Jim Evans

905-468-4391 ext. 232

Megan challice
Megan Challice

Supportive Housing Manager
905-468-4391 ext.223

Rick green
Rick Green

Maintenance Manager
905-468-4391 ext. 227

Radiant Care Tabor Manor Supervisory Team

Barbara osborne
Barbara Osborne

Nutrition Manager
905-934-3414 ext. 1065

Fola akano
Fola Akano

Acting Director of Care
905-934-3414 ext.1070

Megan challice
Megan Challice

Supportive Housing Manager
905-934-3414 ext. 1080

Norma restivo for web
Norma Restivo

Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor & Volunteer Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext. 1063

Rick green
Rick Green

Maintenance Manager
905-934-3414 ext.1075

Sandra hartley
Sandra Hartley

Director of Care
905-934-3414 ext. 1070

Stephen mason
Stephen Mason

Lead Chaplain
905-934-3414 ext.1073

Radiant Care Administrative Staff

Alaina costea
Alaina Costea

Human Resources Manager
905-934-3414 ext.1059

Amanda borozny
Amanda Borozny

Accounts Receivable Clerk
905-934-3414 ext.1053

Amardeep khurana
Amardeep Khurana

Clinical Quality Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext.1061

Betti-ann whitehead
Betti-ann Whitehead

Administrative Assistant
905-934-3414 ext. 1096

Chelsea regehr
Chelsea Regehr

Human Resources Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext. 1077

Coralene loewen
Coralene Loewen

Executive Assistant
905-934-3414 ext.1088

Enrique lara
Enrique Lara

Payroll Clerk
905-934-3414 ext. 1049

Julie kabel
Julie Kabel

Payroll Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext.1057

Konstantinos tsaprailis
Konstantinos Tsaprailis

Junior Business Analyst
905-934-3414 ext. 1013

Laurie rodgers
Laurie Rodgers

Senior Accountant
905-934-3414 ext. 1056

Magdalena durocher
Magdalena Durocher

Human Resources Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext. 1058

Marianne ruiter
Marianne Ruiter

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext.1057

Michael dyck
Michael Dyck

Admissions/Volunteer Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext. 1043

Radiant Care Pleasant Manor Administrative Staff

Destiny walsh
Destiny Walsh

Administrative Receptionist
905-468-1111 ext.221

Jenna nenadovich
Jenna Nenadovich

Nursing Clerk
905-468-1111 ext. 245

Marie burrows
Marie Burrows

Supportive Housing Assistant Coordinator
905-468-4391 ext. 228

Radiant Care Tabor Manor Administrative Staff

Amélie robert
Amélie Robert

Assistant Nutrition Manager & Dietician
905-934-3414 ext.1076

Don middlemiss
Don Middlemiss

905-934-3414 ext.1060

Jacqui sawyer
Jacqui Sawyer

Administrative Receptionist
905-934-3414 ext. 1051

Sherrie aarts
Sherrie Aarts

Acting Assistant RAI Coordinator
905-934-3414 ext. 1061

Stacey ely
Stacey Ely

Nursing Clerk
905-934-3414 ext.1071

Toni aquila
Toni Aquila

Scheduling Clerk
905-934-3414 ext.1066

Radiant Care Foundation

Board of Directors

Radiant Care’s nine member volunteer Board of Directors consists of people from the founding churches of Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor and others, who by their life, demonstrate their commitment to Christ and their local church. The Radiant Care Board of Directors is a skills-based Board and represents the affairs of all Radiant Care sites and corporations, as well as the Radiant Care Foundation.

Board Executive

Glen Unruh


John Krause


Dorothea Enns



Christa Krause

Dennis Dick

John Dyck

John Hay

Hal Klassen

Nathan Braun

Serving Seniors with Excellence, Love and Dignity.

Radiant Care is a faith-based, charitable not-for-profit organization offering a full continuum of seniors housing and care at two sites in the Niagara Region.