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Engaging seniors in meaningful moments

We are proud to be a Montessori home. Montessori uses activities as tools that help create the bridge to reconnect to people who may seem unreachable, and positively contributes to the quality of life for persons living with dementia.

At its core, our Montessori Philosophy of Care seeks to validate the identities of the people we serve. Montessori involves staging environments to enhance independence, and engaging residents in activities that are meaningful and purposeful to them and that reconnect them with past roles to enhance their quality of life. At Radiant Care, we provide a rich home-like environment by learning the backstories of our residents and tenants, and using this knowledge to engage each person in meaningful moments that add purpose to their lives and a feeling of contribution to their community.

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Serving Seniors with Excellence, Love and Dignity.

Radiant Care is a faith-based, charitable not-for-profit organization offering a full continuum of seniors housing and care at two sites in the Niagara Region.