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Montessori In Action

We create a home-like environment by learning the backstory of each person’s life and incorporating this knowledge into individualized programs and activities that are based on the needs, interests, skills, and abilities of each individual. These activities provide meaningful engagement that is purposeful, promotes independence, and is cognitively stimulating.

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Our Montessori Philosophy of Dementia Care sets us apart from other organizations

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Stage & Engage

Stage: We create prepared environments that look and feel like home, enhance function and independence, and provide opportunities for residents and tenants to engage in activities and interactions that are meaningful and purposeful to them. It is important for activities to be available and accessible.
Engage: We intentionally engage residents and tenants by verbally inviting them to participate and by demonstrating what needs to be done. We modify activities as needed based on the individual’s needs, interests, and abilities, and we thank the individual for participating or commend them on a job well done.

Specialized Activity Areas

Throughout our homes are specialized activity areas, designed to create a feeling of home and purpose by invoking familiar feelings and routines. Residents and tenants experience a sense of mastery and purpose, and their identity is reinforced, as they assume familiar roles and carry out tasks independently. Some of our specialized activity areas include:

  • Office desk (PM & TM)
  • Sewing station (PM & TM)
  • Workshop area (PM)
  • Nursery (PM)

Montessori Kits

Radiant Care has prepared several Montessori kits for residents and tenants to use whenever they please. Kits have been designed with different interests and ability levels in mind. Because Montessori is focused on the individual, our kits are changed regularly to reflect the individuals and needs present in our home.

We invite you to use one with your loved one the next time you visit

Montessori Binder

We have a Montessori binder filled with activity plans for staff or volunteers to easily facilitate. Each of these user-friendly activity plan has photos and outlines the purpose, materials, set up, directions, and tips for cueing. Feel free to check it out!

Programs & Activities

Our staff prepare individualized activities and group programs based on the interests, needs, skills, and abilities of our residents and tenants. As we get to know someone, we help them engage in activities and find meaningful roles within home that reinforce their identities. Learn more about some of the programs and activities our current residents and tenants enjoy.

Programs & Activities


Dementia affects declarative memory (the conscious recollection of facts and events). To help compensate for declarative memory lapses, we can put the information into the environment to trigger/help with memory and enhance independence. This includes cuing with signs or directions, or using familiar items.

Cues can be found throughout our home, inviting residents to engage with an object or in an activity. Cueing is also used with individual residents, based on their individual needs, to help with things such as finding their room, dressing themselves, or completing a task like brushing their teeth.

Invitation to Engage

An invitation can be as simple as someone saying, “Would you help me fold these clothes?” It is often helpful to do a demonstration for the person then invite them to try. And don't forget to say "thank you!"

To provide more opportunities for engagement, there are activities throughout the home that have written cues inviting residents to engage with them and/or providing instruction on what to do. These cues help residents know that the activity is for them and provide direction so they can effectively engage in it.

We really truly care

Our Montessori Philosophy of Care places emphasis on creating an enriched, prepared environment where individuals are engaged in life with meaning and purpose, and function is enhanced.
Learn more about how Montessori benefits our residents, tenants, families, volunteers, and staff. Who benefits

DementiAbility Training


What is it?

As part of our commitment to serving seniors with excellence love, and dignity, our goal is to train 100% of employees in Montessori methods for dementia care. To date, 67% of Radiant Care employees have completed the 2-day DementiAbility Methods™ training (formerly called Montessori training), which teaches us to think differently about dementia - focusing on enabling abilities. This training helps us better understand the connections between brain, environment, and behaviour, and it informs our Montessori philosophy of care, including practical ways to focus on abilities and enhance the lives of those living with dementia.
We have been able to incorporate our learnings from this training throughout all aspects of care across our campuses, not just through recreational activities. From staging environments to meaningful activities, Montessori interventions are used every day to enable residents and tenants to participate in and enjoy a purposeful life in their home here at Radiant Care.
“You must always look for the person behind the dementia. Find the person and thereby enhance their potential by engaging them in meaningful activity.” – Gail Elliot, Gerontologist and Dementia Specialist, Founder of DementiAbility
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DementiAbility in Action

DementiAbility training includes role playing practical interventions that help serve residents with Dementia

Dementia - Learn More & Get Support

We know it can be challenging to live with dementia or to journey with someone who is living with dementia. You are not alone. We are here to journey with you and your loved one living at Radiant Care. To best equip yourself for this journey, we encourage you to view the Alzheimer Society video and links below to learn more about what dementia is and how you can support your loved one who is living with dementia.

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