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Our Montessori Philosophy of Care is most effective when incorporated into all areas of life. Even without formal training, all staff, family members, and visitors can get involved in Montessori!

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Ways to get involved in Montessori at Radiant Care

We invite all of our staff, families, and visitors to participate in Montessori. We would love to see you use one of our Montessori kits or activity areas with your loved one on your next visit. You may find that this is some of the most meaningful time you spend here!
Browse our website to learn more about Montessori and how to have a meaningful visit with someone who has dementia, donate money or requested items to our Montessori programming, visit or volunteer, or ask us about other ways you can get involved.

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Our goal is to create a supportive home-like environment, enhance independence, and engage each person in meaningful moments that add purpose to their life and a feeling of contribution to their community. Our focus is always on each person as an individual.

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How to Have a Meaningful Visit with Someone with Dementia


What Should I Say?

Avoid declarative questions:

  • Do you remember me?
  • Did you go to exercises today?
  • Who is this in your picture?

Use open conversation starters

  • Nice to see you today.
  • How has your day been?
  • Would you tell me about this picture?

Find the common ground

Residents’ Expectations

  • To feel loved and accepted
  • To be touched
  • To participate & be engaged
  • To make choices
  • To have Meaning & Purpose

Visitors' Expectations

  • To support
  • Companionship and love
  • Successful interaction
  • Acknowledgment
  • To have meaning & purpose

Successful visits

  • It’s your presence that matters. Enjoy the company
  • Speak slowly. Large amounts of information at once is overwhelming for anyone!
  • Remember that although their cognitive abilities have altered, their feelings are still intact
  • Don’t argue. Remember, it doesn’t matter if their facts are not correct
  • Don’t rush! Enjoy each moment, including the quiet moments and just being there with them

Tips & Techniques

  • Smile and make eye contact. Your loved one relies on body language for communication
  • Keep your sentences short & simple. Don’t quiz or ask pointed questions. Keep discussions open-ended and go with the flow
  • Don't rush your loved one. Give ample time. They might have difficulty finding the right words. Gently queue them or supply a word
  • Use photo or picture books to reminisce. Write down memories and stories
  • Work on a simple task together, and don’t emphasize the outcome

Example activities

  • Mental exercises (word & brain teasers, matching games, puzzles)
  • Photo reminisce (albums, picture books, google street view)
  • Sorting activities (buttons, coins, by colour etc.)
  • Polishing silver
  • Washing dishes
  • Cleaning rooms/vacuuming
  • Folding laundry/baby clothes
  • A leisurely stroll
  • Music (listening, playing instruments, singing, dancing)

We really truly care

Our Montessori Philosophy of Care places emphasis on creating an enriched, prepared environment where individuals are engaged in life with meaning and purpose, and function is enhanced.
Learn more about how Montessori benefits our residents, tenants, families, volunteers, and staff. Who benefits

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