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How is Radiant Care Different?

You will sense the difference when you walk through the door at either of our homes. Radiant Care provides a friendly and warm environment, with caring staff who are choosing daily to live out our core values. We are committed to serving seniors with Excellence, Love and Dignity.

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Serving Seniors with Excellence, Love and Dignity.

Radiant Care is a faith-based, charitable not-for-profit organization offering a full continuum of seniors housing and care at two sites in the Niagara Region.

News & Events

Pleasant Manor Expansion Project

Construction is officially underway!

Fruit and Quilts

A wonderful community initiative.

A Mennonite Summer Tradition

Everyone looks forward to this delicious traditional summer treat each year!

Marble Slab Creamery

Courtesy of the Radiant Care Foundation, residents, tenants, and staff at both Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor once again enjoyed delicious ice-cream treats from the Marble Slab Creamery!

Steve Burnside Concert

Our Pleasant Manor residents and tenants recently enjoyed a live blues concert!

Watermelon & Roll Kuchen

Everyone looks forward to this traditional summer treat each year!

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Today at Tabor Manor
  • 3rd Afternoon: Christmas Craft
  • Wellness Word Game in the Fireside Lounge 9:30am
  • 1st Hymn Worship with Stephen 9:30am
  • 2nd 3rd 4th Exercise 9:30am
  • 4th Window Painting 9:40am
  • 1st Winter Wheel of Fortune 10:00am
  • 2nd Christmas Alphabet Game 10:00am
  • 3rd Dominos 10:00am
  • Tenants Wellness Drum Fit in the Chapel 11:00am
  • 2nd Board Games 1:30pm
  • Wellness Fit Minds in the Café 2:30pm
  • 1st Christmas Cards 2:30pm
  • 2nd Christmas Carols with Stephen 2:30pm
  • 2nd Finish The Line 3:00pm
  • 4th Hymn Worship with Stephen 3:00pm
Calendar Newsletter
Today at Pleasant Manor
  • LTC Chair Yoga 9:30am
  • LTC Music Therapy with Molly 10:00am
  • LTC Christmas Children's Choir 11:15am
  • Tenants Bingo 2:00pm
  • LTC Church 3:00pm
Calendar Newsletter