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ReachOut Issue #26: Oct - Dec 2018

Download our ReachOut Newsletter for October - December 2018.


Pleasant Manor Christmas Bazaar

Thank you to those who joined us on November 24th for our annual Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar & Bake Sale!


Tabor Manor Christmas Tea

Thank you to those who joined us on November 17th for our annual Auxiliary Christmas Tea & Bake Sale!


Minister of Seniors Visits

Canada’s Minister of Seniors, the Honourable Filomena Tassi, visited Radiant Care to get input from seniors.


Seniors & The Church

The purpose of this October 30th pastors inservice is to further the discussion on seniors and the church.


Foundation Banquet

Thank you to everyone who attended our first annual Radiant Care Foundation Banquet!


Pleasant Manor Resident Art

You are invited to come view art that has been done by our local artists (our residents)!


ReachOut Issue #25: July - Sept

Download our ReachOut Newsletter for July – September 2018.


Tabor Manor Exotic Petting Zoo

A variety of animals from an exotic petting zoo took up temporary residence in the courtyard, to everyone’s delight!


Pleasant Manor Farm Day

Radiant Care Pleasant Manor’s annual Farm Day celebrated community and sunshine on June 16!


Today at Tabor Manor
  • 3rd Exercise 9:30am
  • 2nd Exercise with Physio 9:30am
  • 1st Exercise 9:30am
  • 4th Physio Exercise 9:30am
  • 2nd Card Games 10:30am
  • 4th Poems and Readings 10:30am
  • Tenants Fall Prevention Class 10:15, 10:45am
  • Tenants Exercise 1:00pm
  • 3rd Word Generation 3:30pm
  • 4th Lawn Darts 3:30pm
  • Tenants Cards and Games 3:00pm
  • 1st Bocce Ball 3:30pm
  • 3rd Hot Chocolate in the Lounge 6:30pm
Calendar Newsletter
Today at Pleasant Manor
  • LTC Dog Therapy 9:30am
  • Tenants Exercise 9:00am
  • Tenants Movie Time 10:00am
  • LTC I Have a Dream 11:00am
  • LTC Laundry Folding 2:00pm
  • LTC Family Council Meeting 2:30pm
  • LTC Knit and Sew 3:00pm
Calendar Newsletter