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Principled Leadership Program June 3, 2021

Congratulations to the 10 most recent graduates of Radiant Care’s Principled Leadership Program! 

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Congratulations to the 10 most recent graduates of our in-house Principled Leadership Program!

The Principled Leadership Program was created by Radiant Care to develop and invest in our internal leaders. It’s based on Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which develops the whole person from the inside out. The 7 habits that participants learn and hone through this program build character and better equip them to tackle challenges and change with strong, time-honoured principles. The objective of the Principled Leadership Program is to instill a culture of principle-based leadership within the organization and to develop managerial and leadership capabilities necessary to navigate the complex and highly regulated environment of seniors care. The Principled Leadership Program helps our leaders develop and nurture personal and professional skills that will keep Radiant Care on course today and in the years to come, despite the constantly changing landscape.

Radiant Care’s vision is to be a leader in seniors’ support services and we recognize that this is only possible through the execution of an active, intentional, progressive, and strategic educational curriculum that is aligned with this vision. The strength of our staff is based on continued professional development, and investing in Radiant Care’s leaders is key! Leaders who successfully complete this program will elevate and enhance their roles as leaders within Radiant Care and they will be a huge support in helping over 360 employees capture this vision. Strong character-driven leadership will propel Radiant Care as we continue to grow and adapt to change.

We are thrilled to see and hear about the profound impact the Principled Leadership Program is having on participants, both personally and professionally. We look forward to witnessing how this new group of graduates will continue to help move our organization forward with their learnings and how future iterations of this program will ensure the foundation of our organization is set for strength as we boldly and confidently move ahead.

Please join us in congratulating our fourth graduating class!

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