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Update to Tenant Visitation Guidelines August 12, 2020

We have updated our tenant visitation guidelines

Update to tenant visitation guidelines

Radiant Care has amended our Visitation Plan with new visitation guidelines for tenants.

The updates are for visits with tenants living in our apartments, wellness suites, and life lease units. The existing guidelines for long-term care residents have not changed and will remain in effect (as outlined in the Visitation Plan linked below). Our Visitation Plan is consistent and aligned with guidelines set out by the Ontario government for both long-term care and housing.

Beginning Thursday August 13, 2020, tenants may have indoor or outdoor visitors as per the guidelines below:

Outdoor Tenant Visits:

  • Each tenant may visit with up to 10 other people outdoors on Radiant Care property.
  • Outdoor visitors must maintain physical distancing during their visit.
  • A face covering is not required for outdoor visits, though it is strongly recommended.
  • Outdoor visitors will not be screened and they do not need to complete the Attestation, Waiver, and Release.
  • Outdoor visits will not be scheduled by Radiant Care.

Indoor Tenant Visits:

  • Indoor visitors must attest to a negative result on a COVID-19 test within the past 14 days.
    • Radiant Care is not responsible for providing the COVID-19 testing.
  • Indoor visitors must maintain physical distancing during their visit.
  • Indoor visitors must bring and wear a face covering at all times during their visit.
    • Masks/face coverings will not be provided by Radiant Care.
  • Each tenant will be permitted only TWO indoor visitors at a time.
  • Indoor visitors must only visit the one tenant (or couple) they are intending to visit, and no other tenant.
  • Indoor visitors must be screened at a screening station prior to every visit.
    • They must review and agree to the measures outlined in the Infection Prevention and Control Information Package, sign an Attestation, Waiver and Release form, and pass a screening questionnaire administered by Radiant Care screening staff.
    • If the screener is away from the screening station when you arrive, please wait until the screener returns or report to an alternate screening station, as indicated on the sign the screener will post.
  • Indoor visits must take place in a tenant’s apartment/wellness suite/unit. Indoor visitors will NOT be permitted to use any common areas or any public washroom facility at Radiant Care during their visit.
  • Indoor visitors will NOT be permitted to move freely around the home. Once screened in, indoor visitors must proceed directly to the tenant’s unit, stay in the unit for the duration of the visit, and proceed directly to the exit when leaving.
  • Indoor visits will not be scheduled by Radiant Care. Tenants will schedule their own visitors and are responsible to ensure their visitors adhere to the guidelines in the Visitation Plan, including wearing a face covering, maintaining physical distancing, and performing hand hygiene.

Visitors must not come on Radiant Care property if they are feeling unwell. Tenants currently completing a 14-day isolation may not have any visitors.

As per government direction and our Visitation Plan, non-essential visits may not occur while a home is in outbreak.

Ensuring the safety of everyone is Radiant Care’s highest priority as Radiant Care continues to welcome visitors back to our Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor sites. Accordingly, Radiant Care will continue to follow and implement directives from government and public health, designed to protect and safeguard the safety of its residents, tenants and staff.

For more information and details, please view Radiant Care’s Visitation Plan below or contact our front office at Pleasant Manor or Tabor Manor to arrange to pick up a hard copy.

Visitation Plan


To see the most recent updates made to the guidelines for Long-Term Care resident visits, please see the post below:

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