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Update to Long-Term Care Visitation Guidelines

We have updated the visitation guidelines for our Long-Term Care homes, in accordance with updates from the Ontario government

Update to long-term care visitation guidelines

The Ontario government has updated the guidelines for visits in long-term care homes. Accordingly, Radiant Care has amended our Visitation Plan.

The updates are for long-term care visits only. We have not received any direction from the Ontario government respecting changes to the visitation guidelines for tenants living in our apartments, wellness suites, and life lease units so the existing guidelines for tenants will remain in effect (as outlined in the Visitation Plan linked below). Our Visitation Plan is consistent and aligned with guidelines set out by the Ontario government for both long-term care and housing.

Updates to our Visitation Plan include:

  • For resident visits in our long-term care homes, two people may visit a resident at a time
  • Indoor visits are permitted in long-term care, though they are restricted to designated visiting areas
    • Visiting areas:
      ▪ Pleasant Manor: Family Room (across from Nurses station)
      ▪ Tabor Manor: Great Room
    • Indoor visitors are required to attest to home staff that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous two weeks and not subsequently tested positive
    • Indoor visitors must wear a surgical mask provided by Radiant Care throughout the visit
    • Indoor visitors must remain in the designated visiting area and may not move throughout the home. Visitors are not permitted to use the washrooms.
  • Outdoor visitors of long-term care residents no longer need to attest to having a negative COVID-19 test

Visits will continue to be in 30-minute increments, 5 days-per-week.  All visits must be scheduled with staff in advance. All visitors must review and agree to the measures outlined in the Infection Prevention & Control Information Package; sign an Attestation, Waiver and Release form; and pass a screening questionnaire administered by Radiant Care screening staff.

As per government direction and our Visitation Plan, non-essential visits may not occur while a home is in outbreak.

Ensuring the safety of everyone is Radiant Care’s highest priority as Radiant Care continues to welcome visitors back to our Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor sites.

For more information and details, please view Radiant Care’s Visitation Plan, which includes:

  • Resuming Visits During COVID-19 Policy and Plan (pages 1-3)
  • Appendix A: Infection Prevention & Control Information Package (pages 4-6)
  • Appendix B: Attestation, Waiver and Release (pages 7-9)

or contact our front office at Pleasant Manor or Tabor Manor to arrange to pick up a hard copy.


To see the joy visits are bringing to our residents and tenants, please see the post below

Loved ones reunite!

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