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Why Montessori?


Montessori Methods for Dementia ™ are based on the original works of Dr. Maria Montessori, and Italian physician, childhood educator and author of a number of publications that focused on new approaches to childhood education.  Her methods have been adopted around the world and continue to be offered in Montessori schools today.  Dr. Montessori believed that when the environment is supported, and her principles are utilized, behavioural problems will not arise, as the child is engaged at his/her level of ability and needs are addressed.

Dr. Cameron Camp recognized that these approaches can be applied to dementia care and he, along with numerous other researchers, has proven that these innovative interventions are beneficial for those with dementia.  Dr. Montessori’s original principles have been modified for dementia and have proven to generate successful outcomes when the environment is supported and the principles are adopted.


Who Benefits?

The Person with Dementia:

Montessori uses activities as tools that help create the bridge to reconnect to people who may seem unreachable.  Being able to focus on the task at hand and to experience success again helps people with memory loss feel more secure and confident and less angry and frustrated.  The Montessori Philosophy focuses on the use of remaining strengths and abilities.  This positive approach to dementia care is a source of creativity and comfort to people both with dementia and caregivers alike.


Family, Friends, and Volunteers:

The Montessori Philosophy will directly affect the quality of life of the person living with dementia.  Family and friends will be comforted by seeing residents engaged in the life of the home.

Family, friends and volunteers can also apply the Montessori Philosophy to their visits by utilizing activities and tools available.  Both residents and their guests will benefit from more meaningful visits.


The organization and our staff:

The person providing dementia support and care benefits from the Montessori Philosophy each day.  By using innovative, evidence-based strategies that are aimed at enhancing function, resident responsive behaviours are positively impacted.  When persons with dementia are supported so that they can be the best they can be, staff find their work to be more fulfilling and experience great job satisfaction!


Pleasant Manor's Long-Term Care Home & Tabor Manor's Long-Term Care Home are in Outbreak. Other areas are not affected.

Please view our Visitation Plan post for more information and for parameters for visitation during outbreak.