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Fruit and Quilts, A Story of Giving November 24, 2022

A wonderful tradition for our Pleasant Manor tenants.

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Each week this summer, harvested fruits and vegetables from the rich soil of Virgil’s farmland were gathered, and delivered by Abe Epp to our Pleasant Manor community.

For the better part of a decade, Abe’s generous donation of summer produce was organized and set out by Anne Bergen for tenants to take and enjoy, with the invitation to give a small donation…all proceeds going to charity.

The tradition continued this past summer, thanks to: Abe’s planning and generosity, Anne’s ongoing vision and encouragement, and the willingness and commitment of Linda Andres, who volunteered to oversee the logistics of this initiative each week.

Thanks to this team effort, combined with the consistent giving of the grateful tenants of Pleasant Manor, $2,000 was raised and given to the Bethany Ladies Quilting Group. These funds are being utilized for the making and sending of scores of much-needed blankets oversees.

And so, from seeds in the ground to practical seeds of love being sown in lives around the world, this is a story of giving with more chapters sure to be written – all to the glory of God and for the good of people He cherishes.

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