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Radiant Care Gardening Projects June 16, 2022

Radiant Care residents and tenants have been actively involved in a number of gardening projects.

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A special thank you to our residents at both Pleasant Manor and Tabor Manor who have been actively involved in all stages for a variety of gardening projects from planting flower and vegetable seeds indoors in late March, to watering and caring for them as they grow, to transplanting them to the outdoor gardens in early June. A big thank you to our tenants who have volunteered their expertise to help with planting and maintaining our gardens as well!

Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for us all. Actively engaging our residents and tenants in gardening regardless of abilities improves mood, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It is a great way to socially interact with others and connect with nature and the outdoors and it supports our Montessori Philosophy of Care.

And the beautiful result is something we can all enjoy!

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Helpful Gifts

• Children’s clothing & newborn baby clothing
• Markers, pencil crayons, dry erase markers
• Non-toxic paint, paint brushes, table easels, canvases
• Watering cans and gardening supplies (e.g. hand rakes, shovels, dirt)
• iPods
• iPads
• Sewing needles & yarn (only yarn for TM)
• Simple puzzles
• Sorting activities
• Coffee table style reading/picture books