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Watermelon & Roll Kuchen September 9, 2021

Our residents and tenants look forward to this traditional summer treat each year

watermelon roll kuchen 2

Watermelon and roll kuchen is a traditional Mennonite summer treat that many of our residents and tenants look forward to each year. Over the past few years, some of our Pleasant Manor tenants have graciously shared their roll kuchen recipe and spent time teaching some of our younger staff how to make this special treat so we can make it for all our residents and tenants to enjoy. This year, we were especially grateful to be able to safely gather outside to spend time together and share this treat.

What a delicious and wonderful way to enjoy summer together!

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Helpful Gifts

• Children’s clothing & newborn baby clothing
• Markers, pencil crayons, dry erase markers
• Non-toxic paint, paint brushes, table easels, canvases
• Watering cans and gardening supplies (e.g. hand rakes, shovels, dirt)
• iPods
• iPads
• Sewing needles & yarn (only yarn for TM)
• Simple puzzles
• Sorting activities
• Coffee table style reading/picture books