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Tim Hortons Drive Thru Day July 21, 2021

From an order window to vehicles with license plates to fresh Tim Horton’s coffee, tea, and timbits… this drive thru had it all!

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Our Tabor Manor long-term care residents enjoyed an at-home Tim Hortons Drive Thru experience yesterday. It was quite an event!


Our staff built and decorated drive thru windows that look like the real thing.

Our residents created license plates and attached them to their “vehicles”.

Tim Hortons delivered fresh coffee, tea, and timbits.

Then the traffic started…The vehicles lined up (physically distanced of course) and started pouring through the drive thru! It was like a busy Monday morning. Residents were invited to place their order and pay for it by flashing a smile, giving a wave, or making a funny face. Some of our residents said that they couldn’t remember the last time they had a Tim Hortons coffee, so they were thrilled to pull up to the drive thru to order familiar delicious treats!

Staff did a wonderful job of filling orders and creating a familiar, yet memorable, experience for our residents. There were so many smiles and a lot of laughter. Tabor Manor Tim Hortons Drive Thru day was a huge success! Check out some of the fun in the photos below.

A very special thank you to Frank Cianfagna and the team at 8159 Lundy’s Lane Tim Hortons for generously treating our residents.


UPDATE: This event was such a hit that we held it again in August for our Tabor Manor residents and we brought it to our Pleasant Manor residents and tenants in September. We had a lot of happy customers!



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