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Have You Calculated Your Will Power? August 31, 2020

Radiant Care joins effort to inspire Canadians to think differently about charitable giving 

Have you calculated your will power?

Radiant Care has joined with more than 80 charities, financial advisors and legal services from across the Hamilton-Oakville-Niagara Region to show Canadians the power they have to create positive change through a gift to charity in their Will. Will Power™ is a public education effort aimed at empowering more Canadians to leave a charitable gift in their Will, which could raise as much as $40 billion dollars to advance the causes Canadians care about. Imagine the impact we could all make!

We at Radiant Care know that Canadians are committed to helping. We see this every day through our work serving seniors, and in conversation with our dedicated network of volunteers and donors. We believe it is important that more Canadians are aware that a charitable gift in a Will is another way to make a big difference.

Wills are not just a legal means to distribute your personal assets; they are powerful tools for social change. And it’s not an either/or proposition – you can leave a gift to charity in your Will while still taking care of those you love.

We ask you to consider leaving a legacy gift to Radiant Care in your Will. We invite you to visit our Foundation page and/or Radiant Care’s profile page on the Will Power™ website to learn more about the work the Radiant Care Foundation is doing to enhance the lives of seniors living at Radiant Care. We invite you to visit our Leave a Legacy page to learn how you can support this work through your Will.

The Will Power™ campaign has launched a website designed to make it easier for Canadians to plan their legacy giving. The website gives you access to a full range of estate planning resources that make charitable giving simple. We encourage you to check out the legacy calculator to find out how you can impact the lives of seniors, while still caring for those you love:

Have you calculated your will power?

As always, we encourage you to contact us to learn how your future gift will make a difference at Radiant Care.


Have you calculated your will power?

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