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We Miss You!

We wanted to give our residents an opportunity to share how they feel with all of our wonderful friends, family, volunteers, and community. You are not distant from our thoughts and prayers. We miss you! And we cannot wait to be reunited again!

We miss you!
Our family here at Radiant Care understands how important it is to keep our physical distance from our friends and family in the community. However, that doesn’t make it any easier! This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we know that is one of the best times to celebrate all of the incredible moms out there. We encourage you to reach out this week via phone or video chat. Send photos via text or email. Let’s take these moments to tell stories about our childhood, talk about the good times to come, and encourage each other through love and support.
You are not distant from our thoughts and prayers. We miss you! And we cannot wait to be reunited again!
We miss you!

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(copy) 2020 rc pm spring tea & bake sale

Preparing for Novel Coronavirus

How Radiant Care is preparing for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 update from our ceo

COVID-19 Update from our CEO

At Radiant Care, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our seniors have access to the highest level of care possible as we all navigate the ongoing pandemic situation to the best of our abilities. We are saddened by the recently released Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) report respecting their observations of the five long-term care homes they were called upon to provide assistance. We find the specifics of these stories very upsetting and we are heartbroken for any of the individuals who have had to deal with these horrible circumstances. We are grateful to report that the situation at Radiant Care Pleasant Manor and Radiant Care Tabor Manor is currently stable and that there have been no outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus among staff, residents and tenants. All long-term care residents and staff were recently tested, with no positive results.

Caring and connecting pen pal initiative

Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative

We are participating in the Caring & Connecting Pen Pal Initiative. This initiative works to mitigate the isolation that the elderly are experiencing during this unprecedented time, all while following physical distancing protocol. 

We appreciate you!

We appreciate you!

Our staff are heroes! They are dedicated, compassionate, careful, and a million other great things. We have posted these "Heroes Work Here" signs at our entrances and throughout our homes to recognize our awesome staff. If anyone wants to send an encouraging message to our heroes, they can do so by emailing encouragement@radiantcare.net

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