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Growing Partnership with Niagara College

Radiant Care’s growing relationship with Niagara College is improving the lives of employees, residents, tenants, and seniors in our community, with new initiatives on the horizon.

Partnership with niagara college

The relationship between Niagara College and Radiant Care is having a measured impact on client experience.

In the case of the Radiant Care Fitness and Wellness Centre, Niagara College physiology graduate students have helped over 80 employees, residents, tenants, and seniors from the community achieve success in building confidence with equipment, better balance in mobility, and weight loss. This will reduce falls in a frail population, keep people in their homes longer and out of hospital and Long-Term Care homes.

The Radiant Care Fitness and Wellness Centre and the physiology expertise currently offers direct service to 60 residents/tenants, 20 neighbours, and 20 employees, with capacity to serve many more. For Radiant Care’s 361 employees, participation in the Fitness and Wellness Centre is a value-add to the typical employee/employer relationship and helps to make Radiant Care an employer of choice within the community and sector. To learn more about this partnership and the benefits it is having, check out the following:

In addition to the partnership in the Fitness and Wellness Centre, Radiant Care and Niagara College have an ongoing partnership through which Niagara College Nursing students complete clinical placements at Radiant Care to develop their Nursing skills and gain experience working in the Long-Term Care and Community Support Service sectors.

In September, Radiant Care and Niagara College will be taking the partnership to a new level by offering an entirely on-site PSW program at Tabor Manor with some unused rooms being converted into living classrooms, complete with Long-Term Care beds and virtual, electronic residents, as well as direct access to Tabor Manor’s Long-Term Care home and Community Support Service program, in order to fulfill program clinical placement requirementsThe innovative curriculum is geared to student needs through modular design, thereby striking a balance between training and work. The first class is scheduled to begin in September, with current enrollment of 24 students. This program will impact clients directly through the provision of contemporary models of care, as well as a steady volume of much-needed skilled workers. 

It is through innovative partnerships such as this, that Radiant Care seeks to make an impact in addressing local Health Human Resource challenges for itself and within the broader sector.

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Preparing for Novel Coronavirus

How Radiant Care is preparing for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 update from our ceo

COVID-19 Update from our CEO

At Radiant Care, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our seniors have access to the highest level of care possible as we all navigate the ongoing pandemic situation to the best of our abilities. We are saddened by the recently released Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) report respecting their observations of the five long-term care homes they were called upon to provide assistance. We find the specifics of these stories very upsetting and we are heartbroken for any of the individuals who have had to deal with these horrible circumstances. We are grateful to report that the situation at Radiant Care Pleasant Manor and Radiant Care Tabor Manor is currently stable and that there have been no outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus among staff, residents and tenants. All long-term care residents and staff were recently tested, with no positive results.

Caring and connecting pen pal initiative

Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative

We are participating in the Caring & Connecting Pen Pal Initiative. This initiative works to mitigate the isolation that the elderly are experiencing during this unprecedented time, all while following physical distancing protocol. 

We appreciate you!

We appreciate you!

Our staff are heroes! They are dedicated, compassionate, careful, and a million other great things. We have posted these "Heroes Work Here" signs at our entrances and throughout our homes to recognize our awesome staff. If anyone wants to send an encouraging message to our heroes, they can do so by emailing encouragement@radiantcare.net

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